Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cablink 1.8 Released

Cablink 1.8 is now available on the App Store. Many changes and improvements went into this release, including:
  • Lock Mode! The oft-requested feature is now implemented and easy to use. A lock button has been added to the screen that (while held down) will toggle the "lock status" for a piece, preventing it from being moved. We believe this will be useful in solving those size-15 wrapping hex puzzles, or if you're just using it to leave mental notes for yourself on the board, so much the better!
  • Added a "retro" Cablink 1.0 graphic set for those hardcore enthusiasts
  • Performance and bug improvements, including fixing a random crash when the game was left open for long periods of time.
So head on over to the App Store and get your copy!


  1. Thank you for the update including lock mode! The only issue now is that it's hard to hold the iPad in one hand and tap to rotate pieces with the other hand, and add to that holding down the lock button. It would be great if it was an on/off toggle so we can tap it on, then lock a bunch of pieces, then tap it off. Maybe this could be in the options? Also, the ability to move the lock icon to the right side would be nice... I am left handed, so I hold the iPad with my right hand, and tap to rotate pieces with my left hand.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dallas! We've gotten a lot of constructive feedback on lock mode and will look to improve the feature moving forward.

  3. I dig the game on my iPad. When I rotate to landscape, the toolbar is lost.

  4. Lock button gets in the way on iPhone. Can't rotate the bottom left square. I used to play this game all the time. Rated very highly, now I can't finish the puzzle.

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  6. What happened to this game? Went to download on my new iPad and it's gone.