Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cablink 1.7 Released

Cablink 1.7 is now available on the App Store. Many changes and improvements went into this release, including:
  • Game Center integration; earn achievements and post to leaderboards on both Game Center and Open Feint simultaneously!
  • Multiplayer matches are back. Network support now includes Bluetooth as well as WiFi connections.
  • Added a "plain look" option to reduce the graphics dramatically
  • Performance improvements
So head on over to the App Store and get your copy!


  1. I've just bought Cablink for my iPhone4, and like it very much.
    Just one little issue... is the iOS 3.2 requirement tag really necessary? I'd love to get it for my old iPod as well, but there's only 3.1.3 as latest release... would be really grateful if you'd allow for 3.1.3 as well with the next update..

  2. Hi dreamforge,

    We are glad to hear you are enjoying Cablink! Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    Unfortunately there are APIs used in the application that are only available starting with iOS 3.2; at this time we don't have the resources to back-port Cablink to versions of iOS earlier than that.

    Foster Brereton
    NextWave Solutions

  3. I've been enjoying cablink on my iPad, but I have one feature request... Can you add the ability to lock tiles, so that when we are sure a tile is correct, we can switch it's color and lock it in place? This would be very handy on large layouts!

  4. Hi Dallas,

    This is a common request, and something we're looking forward to implementing in the next release. It's turning out this is tricky to implement in such a way that it doesn't interfere with regular gameplay flow. Look for it when the next version is released!

  5. Here's a simple way to implement... We don't actually need locking, we just need an indication that we've already moved a tile, such as a color change. I always go for minimum moves, so if I've moved a tile once, I don't need to touch it again... Just being a different color would make that possible.

    Where the locking becomes handy is when I want to brute force a section of the puzzle... If it doesn't work out, a way to revert to the locked section would be great.

    For simplicity, maybe just having a color selector to change moved tiles to a specific color, and then in the same selector, a way to revert a chosen color back to clear, or even switch a color to another color.

    The way this would work is simple... I might choose to turn touched tiles to blue, then I would switch to red to brute force something I'm not sure about. Then if the brute force works out, I could pick to switch all reds to blue... Or to clear if it didn't work out. The great thing with this method is I might start by setting the first tile of the force attempt to yellow, then continue in red... This way if it doesn't work out I know which tile I "tested".

    Great game though! I love the hex grid, makes for some extreme challenges!

  6. Hi. Great Game!
    I play it every day and it never gets boring.

    But there is one thing that's bothering me a bit.
    Quite often when I take a break from the game (someone calls or at the door or so) the app quits itself for no apparent reason. Just disappears from screen and I have to start it up again with a new Puzzle.

    It happens on both iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 (both iOS up to date).
    I somehow have the feeling that it might have something to do with the accelerometer, because it seems to happen after a few minutes mainly when I put it down onto a flat and horizontal surface.

    But that's just a guess.

    Great work anyway. Thanks.


    PS: I like the idea of a "Tile moved" indication color.
    And I'd also like a progress bar showing me how much of the puzzle is solved so far.